Links to other microscopy and related sites

Antique Microscopy – General Sites

A Cabinet of Curiosities, a treasure trove of early microscope slides and apparatus

Antiques of Science: Microscopes, Microscope Slides and Other Antiques of Science

Antique Brass Microscopes, the Wissner Collection, the Reiser Collection

ARS Machina

Association de Sauvegarde et d' Etude des Instruments Scientifiques et Techniques de l' Enseignement (ASEISTE). Click on "Inventaires", then search for "microscope"

Blocker History of Medicine Collection, UTMB


Le Compendium, the Balasse Collection

Collecting Antique Microscopes, the Silva Collection

The Crovetto Collection

The Dittrick Medical History Center of Case Western Reserve University, (search for "microscope")

The Golub Collection

Harvard Museum of Science Search for "microscope"

Histoire du Microscope

Historische microscopen

The Kambeck Collection of Historical Instruments

The Kuhn Historic Instruments Collection

The Meeusen Collection

Micrographia, the Jones Collection

Microscope History, the Goren Collection

Microscopes of Simon Plossl

Mikroskop-Online Mikroskopmuseum

Molecular Expressions

Museo Galileo, Institute and Museum of the History of Science (visit room 8 for microscopes)

Museo Microscopio, the Eliseo Carrascal microscope collection at the University of Salamanca

Museum Optischer Instrumente, the Mappes collection

National Museum of Scotland Microscope Collection, the Maurizio Pizzigoni collection,

Scope Porn, the Silverman collection

University of Arizona College of Optical Sciences Collection

Virtual Museum of the History of Mineralogy

Whipple Museum (search for "microscope")


Historical and Related Microscopy Items for Sale

Antique Microscope Slides, buy and sell slides, microscopes, etc.

Antique Microscopes and Microscope Slides UK, buy and sell slides, microscopes, etc.

Arranged Microscope Slides, a blog by slide-maker Stefano Barone. Also visit his home page at

Fleaglass, antique microscopes and all sorts of other scientific intruments


General Microscopy Resources

The Amateur Diatomist, a long running resource on diatoms, including microscopy

Microscopy UK and Micscape, Exploring the Miniature World, A Light Microscopy Resource

The Micropolitan Museum. Excellent collection of information and images taken through the microscope.


Historical Photographic Resources,
including microphotography and photomicrography

The London Stereoscopic Company. Named after the famous Victorian era company, this site is full of exciting information and pictures, largely focusing on steroscopy.

Excellent resource of historical photography, including works by microphotographers.

The Magic Lantern Society.


Societies and Clubs

Leeds Microscopical Society

Manchester Microscopical and Natural History Society

Microscopical Society of Southern California

New York Microscopical Society

Postal Microscopical Society

Quekett Microscopical Club

Royal Microscopical Society