Stereoview of a Queen Acme Model 5 Microscope
photographed by G.W. Griffith, 1902

by Brian Stevenson
last updated September, 2019

A photograph stereoview with a microscopy theme. Central to the image is a Queen Acme model 5 microscope. A spare objective lens lies in the foreground. To the left, a box of small, continental-sized microscope slides with patterned papers such as those used by the Bourgogne family. A cast iron and brass ringing table and various mounting instruments round out the scientific display.

After working for Underwood, George W. Griffith formed Griffith and Griffith with his brother in 1896.

Figure 1. Two versions of Griffith and Griffith stereoview 3345, "An Interesting Specimen"


Figure 2. Detail of the right photograph of the top stereoview shown in Figure 1.


Figure 3. A contemporary advertisement for the Acme model 5. This microscope was available with either draw-tube or rack-and-pinion focusing. The microscope in the stereoview possesses the latter.

An illustrated essay on the Queen optical company of Philadelphia may be viewed on this site.

Additional information on the Acme model 5, and photographs of a surviving microscope, may be seen at Alan Wissner’s excellent collection of antique microscopes.