Charles Lamson Swasey, 1815 - 1888

by Brian Stevenson
last updated February, 2019

Dr. C.L. Swasey was a physician and amateur microscopist of New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA. His slides are not particularly common, but those that are known are well-made, and feature neatly handwritten and typeset labels (Figures 1-2).

Figure 1. Microscope slides that were prepared by Charles L. Swasey. Dated between 1876 and 1879.


Figure 2. Details of “Feathers from throat of ruby-throated hummingbird, Brazil, S.A.”, prepared in May, 1879 (see Figure 1). Top row: 3.5x objective. Bottom row: 10x objective. All photographed with a C-mounted digital SLR camera and indirect LED lighting.


Charles L. Swasey was born on December 14, 1815, in Limerick, Maine. His father, William Swasey, was a physician. The father died when Charles was young, in 1825. Mother Mary Polly Robinson Swasey died in 1836. Despite the loss of both parents, Charles evidently inherited sufficient money to attend college. He graduated from the Medical School of Bowdoin College, Maine, in 1838.

Shortly afterward, he married Hannah Brooks Perry and moved to Wakefield, New Hampshire (order not known, although Hannah was from Maine, and thus likely to have known Charles Swasey there). They had five children, a boy and four girls. Hannah died on December 14, 1856. Charles did not remarry, but his eldest daughter, Anne, stayed at home for the remainder of his life.

Just before Hannah’s death, Charles moved the family to New Bedford, Massachusetts. He took on the position of the town’s Port Physician, providing medical services to mariners. At that time, New Bedford was a major hub of the whaling industry. It is possible that some of Swasey’s microscopical specimens were obtained from sailors who had travelled to South America and beyond.

The overall quality of the slides shown in Figure 1 suggests that Swasey was well-experienced in slide-making by 1876. He joined the New York Microscopical Society as an Associate Member in 1879. That year, he also published the only exchange advertisement I have yet to locate, an offer to swap microscope slides of nummilitic limestone from the Great Pyramids, foraminiferous limestone from India, deep sea dredgings, and Sertularia hydrozoans (Figure 3). In exchange, he requested histological or pathological specimens, which would have been beneficial to his medical practice.

Charles L. Swasey died on December 24, 1888, at the age of 73. He is reported to have maintained his medical practice to within a year or two of his death.

Figure 3. An 1879 exchange offer, from “American Journal of Microscopy and Popular Science”.



Thank you to Howard Lynk for sharing images from his slide collection.



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