Unknown Microscope Slide Maker 2


Slides of various sizes and paper wrapping may be found with the these type-set labels. All appear to be dry mounts, and the smaller slides utilized mica cover slips, suggesting production during the first half of the 19th century.

These slides may have been produced by a single maker. Alternatively, they may have been made by several people, with labels added/provided by a distributor. The various paper styles used on these slides supports that second hypothesis.

They are generally seen at auction in groups, and fitted boxes for the smaller slides are not uncommon. The slides were probably sold originally in groups. Retail through a microscope producer(s) is a distinct possibility.

Any assistance in identifying the producer(s) or distributor(s) of these slides will be greatly appreciated. Please send emails to brian.stevenson@uky.edu

Figure 1. A variety of microscope slides that bear the same type of machine-printed labels. The larger slides to the right are standard 1x3 inch, while the rest are a variety of smaller sizes. The smallest slides are covered only on the front and sides, while the rest are completely wrapped with paper. The smallest slides have mica cover slips, the others have glass cover slips.


Figure 2. Type font styles and sizes appear to be identical, as do the dimensions of the die-cut labels.