Unknown Microscope Slide Maker 4

by Brian Stevenson
last updated February, 2019

This unknown slide maker produced microscope slides from a variety of animal, botanical, crystal, and diatom subjects (Figure 1). While large numbers of slides by this maker are known, I am not aware of duplicates, suggesting that he/she was an amateur enthusiast and we are seeing samples from his/her collection. Some of these slides are made from roughly-cut glass with unpolished edges, suggesting that they were cut from large glass sheets by this maker, while other slides have precise dimensions and smooth edges, suggestive of purchase from a supply business.

One is known that bears a secondary retail label from John B. Dancer, who lived from 1812 to 1887 (Figure 2). Thus, assuming that this label is original to the slide, the maker was active during the 1880s or earlier. Dancer resold slides from numerous sources, so presence of his label need not imply that slides were made specifically for him to sell.

Any clues as to the maker of these slides will be greatly appreciated. Please send emails to brian.stevenson@uky.edu

Figure 1. An assortment of microscope slides by this unknown mounter.


Figure 2. A microscope slide of a butterfly wing, with a secondary label of J.B. Dancer (1812-1887).