Albert Elger, 1899 - 1977
Anke Korth, 19?? -

by Brian Stevenson
last updated October, 2021

Albert Elger was a professional slide-maker, specializing in mounts of arranged diatoms, radiolaria, and other such materials. He is reported to have learned those skills when working for Eduard Thum (1847-1926), in Leipzig, Germany. He then moved on to work as a mounter for the J.D. Möller Optical Works, in Wedel. By 1933, he was operating his own slide-making business in Eutin. His daughter, Anke Korth, is reported to have begun preparing slides professionally in 1983.

I have found only a few details about the lives of Albert Elger and Anke Korth. I would welcome receipt of any additional information, which will be added to this essay with appropriate acknowledgements.

Figure 1. ca. mid-1900s microscope slide by Albert Elger. Another of his slides, with a different style of label, is shown in Brian Bracegirdle's "Microscopical Mounts and Mounters", plate 15-N.


Figure 2. Arranged fossil radiolaria from Barbados, prepared by Albert Elger. Photographed with a 10x objective lens and a C-mounted digital SLR camera, stitched from two images.


Figure 3. Photomicrographs of arranged diatoms, prepared by Albert Elger (top) and Johann Möller (bottom). Adapted for nonprofit, educational purposes from


Figure 4. Photomicrographic details of an arrangement of diatoms that was prepared by Albert Elger's daughter, Anke Korth. Adapted for nonprofit, educational purposes from .


Figure 5. Excerpt from the 1939 Directory of Eutin, which listed Albert Elger as a "Präparator" at 26 Friedrichstrasse.


Figure 6. Figure 6. A 1949 advertisement by Elger, from "Mikrokosmos".



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