Unknown Microphotograph Maker
"Green Labels, No Name, Gothic"

by Brian Stevenson
last updated February, 2019

This unidentified microphotograph slide-makers used dark green labels, but did not provide a name or initials. The slides are not numbered.

The labels are bordered with wavy lines, and the text is gothic. The squiggly lines are similar to those on the labels of J.B. Dancer and several other microphotographers. The font is similar to that appearing on microphotograph slides that were sold by Joseph Solomon and Henry West, whose biographies can be read elsewhere on this site.

This maker’s slides are rather uncommon. Known examples are shown below, the images of which were generously provided by collectors or adapted from internet sale sites. Any clues about the maker’s identity, or other examples of the microphotograph’s work, will be greatly appreciated.

Figure 1. Microphotograph slides by this maker.


Figure 2. (Top) Two slides with the same type of font on the label are known, both labeled "A Glimpse of the Future", although this cartoon from "Punch" was actually titled "Mumbo Jumbo". The existence of two such slides implies that the labeling was intentional. Note that the bottom of the label has been cut off. (Bottom) Joseph Solomon produced microphotograph slides with the same title, with labels in the same font, and the correct "Punch" cartoon.