Items of Historical Interest, Curiosities, etc.

Forged “Antique” Microscope Slides - A Lesson for Collectors

Microscope Slides of Ticks, from the early eighteenth century until recently

ca. 1840 surgical microscope, by Francis West

1843 article “On the Different Modes of Preserving Microscopic Objects”, by John W. Griffith

1844, Larva of Anthomyia Caniculata, from the stomach of girl

ca. 1865, The Craig Microscope

1875, "Microscope portatif" ("pocket microscope") of Alphonse Chevallier

1876, The Kentucky Meat Shower

1879, Evidence from a legal case on adulterated flour

ca. 1880-1900, French "dual-column" microscopes

ca. 1880, The "Micrograph" / "Stereograph"

1883, “Unsere Modernen Mikroskope”, by Otto Bachmann

1884, The “Micro-Photoscope

ca. 1900 stereoviews of microscopical objects

1902, Microscope themed stereoview

ca. 1910, Lantern slide of Queen Victoria photographed through the compound eye of a beetle

Fabric from a German airship, shot down over England on September 3, 1916

Old photographs of people and their microscopes, mostly anonymous