Microscope Makers and Retailers

A complete list of biographied microscopists is to the left

Abraham, Abraham

Abraham and Co.

Abraham and Dancer

Amadio, Joseph

Amadio, F. and J.

Angus, H.F.

Bate, Robert Brettell

Bleuler, John

Blunt, E.

Blunt, Thomas

Blunt, T. and T.

Blunt and Son

Cary, William

Cary Porter

Chevallier, Pierre Marcel Augustin

Clarke, William

Cohen, Simon P.

Collins, Charles, Sr.

Crouch, Henry

Crouch, Henry and William

Cumming, Alexander

Custance, Robert

Cutts, J.P.

Cutts, J.P., and Sons

Cutts, J.P., Sons, and Sutton

Cutts, J.P., Sutton, and Son(s)

Dallmeyer, John H.

Engell and Co.

R. Field and Son

Field, Robert

Gardiner, James Blake

Gould, Charles

Gould, Henry

Hen, Hendrik

Hinton, Ernest

How, James

Hudson, F.T.

Hudson and Son

Hunter and Sands

Husbands, Henry

Husbands and Clarke

King and Coombs

King, John

King and Son

King, Thomas D.

Knight, George

Ladd, William

London Stereoscopic and Photographic Co.

Mason, R.G.

Menzel, August, and Co.

Mirand aîné

Mirand, Antoine

Mirand et fils / Mirand fils

Mirand, Jean

Moginie, William

Murray and Heath

Murray, Robert C.

Norman, John T.

Palmer, Edward

Pike, Benjamin

Pike, Benjamin, Junior

Pike and Son, Benjamin Pike’s Son, etc.

Piper, Samuel I.

Porter, Henry

Queslin, Pierre Louis Amédée

von Rappard, Conrad

Schäffer and Budenberg

Sisson, Jeremiah

Smith, George

Springer, Joshua

Stanley, W.F.

Tolles, Robert B.

Tuther, John

Wale, George

Wood, Charles J.H.

West, George S.

West, John J.