New and revised:
* Vine, G.R.
* Au Griffon, Paris
* Favray, J.C.
* Leydecker, C.P.
* Leydecker, J.F.
* Patoueille, E.C.A.
* Patoueille, E.V.
* Putois, E.A.
* Putois, M.
* Rochette Jeune
* Soury, A.M.F.
* Hyrtl, Josef
* Bleuler, John
* Zabriskie, J.L.



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Microscope and Slide Makers:
Picture Index

Abraham, Abraham
Abraham and Co.
Abraham and Dancer
Adams, James
Alabaster, A.W.
Alliot, C.
  revised, January, 2017
Amadio, Joseph
Angus, H.F.
Arnott, George A.W.
Atkinson, John
Au Griffon
  new, March, 2017
Bailey, Charles
Barbour Bros.
Barbour, James
Barnett, John
Barron, Hunter J.
Basevi, Col. G.H.
Bate, R.B.
Bawtree, A.W.
Beilby, Richard and Charles
Bleuse, Clemence
Bleuler, John
  new, February, 2017
Blunt, Thomas
Blunt and Son
Boecker, H.
Boecker, W.E.
Boggust, John
Bond, James W.
Booth, Mary Ann
Botterill, Charles
Bourgogne, Charles
  revised, January, 2017
Bourgogne, Eugene
  revised, January, 2017
Bourgogne, Joseph
  revised, January, 2017
Bourgogne, H.
  revised, January, 2017
Bourgogne Freres
  revised, January, 2017
Bourgogne and Alliot
  revised, January, 2017
Bourgogne and

  revised, January, 2017
Boyd, John
Bramhall, John
Brauer, F. Richard
Brokenshire, F.R.
Brown, Amos P.
Burgess, J.W.
Burgess, Martin
Burgess, Nehemiah
Burrell, Tom
Butcher, J.W.
Butterworth, J.
Cary, William
Casartelli, Joseph L.
Challinor, W.E.
Chantrell, G.F.
Cheesman, W.H.
Chevallier, P.M.A.
  new, January, 2017
Clarke, Herbert H.
Clarke, William
Clarke and Page
Cohen, Simon P.
Collins, Charles Jr.
Collins, Charles Sr.
Coppock, Charles
Cottam, Arthur
Crouch, Henry
Crouch, H. and W.
Croydon, Charles
Cumming, Alexander
Custance, Robert
Cutts, J.P.
Cutts, J.P., and Sons
Cutts, J.P., Sons, and Sutton
Cutts, J.P., Sutton, and Son(s)
Dallmeyer, J.H.
Darker, William H.
Davies, Thomas
Day, John H.
Demainbray, S.C.T.
  new, January, 2017
Dittmann, Albert
Doeg, T.E.
Doherty, Arthur J.
Drake, A.P.
Drury, E.M.
Ebbage, Henry E.
Elcock, Charles
Engell and Co.
Evans, Frederick H.
Favray, J.C.
  new, March, 2017
Field, Robert
Field and Co.
Field and Son
Ford, John
Freeman, Henry E.
Furze, John N.
Gardiner, James B.
Gatrell, William
Geller, William O.
Gould, Charles
Gould, Henry
Gray, H.J.
Green, James
Gregory, A.L.
Gregory, J.C.
"Grey Beard"
Griffith, John W.
Grönland, Johannes
Groves, Thomas
Gunnery, Herbert J.
Hancock, Richard
Hardman, Laurence
Hardy, Joseph H.
Harris, George
Harvey, William
Harvey, W.E.
Heath, Ernest
Heath, Vernon
Heisch, Charles
Hemingway, W.
Hen, Hendrik
Hensoldt, Heinrich
Hett, Alexander
Hill, John
Hinton, Ernest
Horsnaill, Edward
Hough, Romeyn B.
How, James
Howard, E.G.
Huber, Ed.
Hudson, F.T.
Hudson and Son
Hunt, J.G.
Hunter, J.J.
Hunter, John
Hunter and Sands
Husbands, Henry
Husbands and Clarke
Hutcheson, John C.
Hyrtl, Josef
  new, February, 2017
J.B. (microphotos)
J.B. (specimens)
J.S. (specimens)
J.S. (microphotos)
J.S.-gothic (microphotos)
Johnson, Rev. W.
Johnstone, Arthur
Jones, J. and T.
Joshua, William
Julien, Alexis A.
King and Coombs
King, John
King and Son
King, Thomas D.
Knight, George
Knight, Capt. Rice D.
Ladd, William
Leonard, E.
Lewis, Mrs. G.H.
Leydecker, C.P.
  new, March, 2017
Leydecker, J.F.
  new, March, 2017
London Stereoscopic
  and Photographic Co.

Long, John A.
Macphail, James D.
Maddox, Richard L.
Mallonee, J.D.
Marchand, Charles
Marsh, Sylvester
Martin, Frederick R.
Martin, James A.
Martin, John H.
Mason, R.G.
Menzel, August
Merriman, C.C.
Miles, Laurence
Mills, L.G.
Mitchell, G.O.
Mirand aîné
Mirand fils
Moginie, William

Murray and Heath
Murray, Robert
Neville, James W.
Norman, John T.
Owen, Charles T.
Owles, J.J.
Page, John W.
Palmer, Edward
Paterson, William M.
Patoueille, E.C.A.
  new, March, 2017
Patoueille, E.V.
  new, March, 2017
Percival, C.R.
Peticolas, C.L.
Pettigrew, Robert
Pike, Benjamin
Pike, Benjamin, Jr.
Pike, Benjamin,
  and Son(s)

Piper, Samuel I.
Pocklington, Henry
Poole, W.B.
Porter, Henry
Porter, William E.
Pouilliart, H.
  revised, January, 2017
Pouilliart and

  revised, January, 2017
Poulter, C.S.
Poulton, Cornelius
Powell, Thomas Henry
Pritchard, Andrew
Pumphrey, Charles
Putois, E.A.
  new, March, 2017
Queslin, A.
  new, January, 2017
Quimby, B.F.
Quimby, G.A.
von Rappard, Conrad
Redfern, James H.
Redfern, Peter
Redmayne, John T.
Reed, John W.
Reeves, Alfred
Richardson, B. Wills
Rochette Jeune
  new, March, 2017
Rodig, C.
Russell, Thomas D.
Sands, Charles
Sarjeant, William Low
Sas, Martin
Schäffer and

Scholte, Daniël
Schulze, Adolf
Scott, D. Bryce
Sharpe, Thomas H.W.
Sharpus, Frederick W.
Sheppard, "J."

Shulze, John A.
Sim, John
Simm, John
Simmons, W.J.
Sisson, Jeremiah
  new, January, 2017
Smith, George
Smith, H.L.
Solomon, Joseph
Soury, A.M.F.
  new, March, 2017
Southwart, Thomas
Springer, Joshua
Stanley, W.F.
Stevens, Samuel
Stevenson, W.C., Jr.
Stovin, John C.
Sutton, James
Sutton, John
Tatham, John
Taylor, Joseph
Taylor, G.C.
Tennant, James
Thomas, H.B.
Thum, Eduard
Tipple, Alfred C.
Tolles, R.B.
Tuther, John
Underhill, H.M.J.
Van Sickel, W.H.
Vial, Henry
Vine, G.R.
  new, March, 2017
Vize, Rev. John E.
Vorce, C.M.
Wale, George
Walker, W.C.
Walker-Arnott, G.A.
Wallis, P.E.
Ward, Edward
Watson and Sharpe
Watson, I.W.
Watson, John W.
Webb, Henry
Webb, William
Wellington, Joseph
West, Charles J.H.
West, Henry
Wheeler, Edmund
White, W.
White, Walter
Wire, Alfred P.
Wood, George S.
Wood, John J.
Woolman, Lewis
Ypelaar, Abraham
Zabriskie, J.L.
  new, February, 2017


Amadio, J.
A.R. (A. Reeves)
"Green Labels, No Name, Gothic"
"Green Labels, No Name, Plain"
H.W. (H. West)
J.C.S. (J.C. Stovin)
J.L.C. (J.L. Casartelli)
J.S. (J. Stovin)
J.S.-gothic (J. Solomon)
W.M. (William Moginie)
W.O.G. (W.O. Geller)
Wheeler, Edmund


Important makers whose works have not been identified:
Carter, George
Thornton, Rev. John


Who made these?
"Green Papers"
"Palate Man" / "Acari Man"
Slide Maker 2
Slide Maker 3
Slide Maker 4


Items of Historical Interest, Curiosities, etc.

Forged “Antique” Microscope Slides

Slides of Ticks

ca. 1840 F. West surgical microscope

1843, “On the Different Modes of Preserving Microscopic Objects”,

1844, Maggot from the stomach of girl

1876, The Kentucky Meat Shower

1879, Adulterated flour

1884, The “Micro-Photoscope

1902, Microscopy themed stereoview

1910, Queen Victoria photographed through the compound eye of a beetle

1916, Fabric from a German airship, shot down over England


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